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Elena Gomez de Valcarcel 


'Familia' is a playful collection of porcelain objects for children. The objective is for this collection to help a child with their self-expression throughout the different stages of their childhood. Family plays an essential role in a child's life. The collection works together in union, mirroring the family's interaction, with each sub-collection of animals creating smaller familial units made up of related animals.

The nightlight is a support tool for parents and children who find bedtime difficult, whether that’s down to a fear of the dark or just boundless energy. The nightlight helps to create a bedtime routine and allows a child to form an emotional connection with the object, where turning it on before sleep becomes a calming prelude to sleep. It is not a toy but it does make bedtime fun.

'Express what you feel' is a collection of small ceramic toys which help children to develop their emotional intelligence by allowing them to express their feelings through play. It is aimed at children and their families. Self-expression as a child helps to create adults capable of dealing with their own feelings from an early age by consciously analysing their emotions. The development of good emotional intelligence is as important as rational intelligence; self-confidence, empathy, and knowing how to identify their emotions improve child's behaviour and even their academic performance.

IG: @elenagomezdevalcarcel 


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