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Istvan Szabo 

Hungarian ceramic sculptor Istvan Szabo lives in London. His abstract sculptural works are the artistic reflections of his surrounding urban environment as well as the natural environment which he frequently visits. As a passionate rock climber he is particularly fascinated by the different qualities of the rock surfaces and this source of inspiration is what he also claims for his abstract way of expressing his art. The making itself is very physical and an intrinsic part of the conceptual process: he loves the contact with the clay material. To use clay as a medium to create art works is important for Istvan. Clay is a versatile medium and, for him, the best medium for creativity.


In his new series of work he explores his own relationship with the manufactured and the natural environment but in a broader context it is also an exploration of the relation of contemporary society to nature. He uses various techniques to create his work: throwing, hand-building of any type but most often slab building, extruding and occasionally slip casting, breaking and reassembling. This collection of works represents the search for balance between the natural and the urban, both in a personal sense and in the world at large.


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