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Lily Savill

'Botanical Heritage Range'

Lily is interested in interior trends and surface design. She has a strong research methodology, attending tradeshows, exhibitions, and visiting retailers to identify trends that inspire her surface designs. She is attracted to pattern and colour, particularly how it can transform an otherwise standard object to something exciting and full of character. She uses an experimental approach to create a layered quality from different ceramic surface techniques.


As well as examining trends, Lily’s surface designs draw upon personal narratives.

For this project, she identified an ‘indoor botanical’ trend to inform the main motif, and this trend is one that she identifies with personally, having grown up in the countryside. Her mother grew up in Australia, and remarkably a Eucalyptus tree flourished in the garden at her home in Suffolk.  Although Lily’s family did not visit Australia, the Eucalyptus tree provided a connection to her mother’s childhood and has been a source of comfort for her mother as a reminder of her upbringing. Lily has a strong sentimental attachment to this tree.

This motif is then combined with elements she identified from other trends, including a strong colour theme, experimental mark making and combining variations of a similar pattern. Lily has created a giftware range using a traditional method of slip decoration, exploring the potential of layering stencils and scratching away layers of coloured clay to create multidimensional surfaces. In addition to this, she has also created a more practical tableware range decorated with layering underglazes and enamel transfers. Though her pieces are decorative, Lily wants people to enjoy using them as well as displaying them.

IG: @lily_savill


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