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Loki (Yu Zhang) 

Loki is a ceramic designer born in China and currently based in London. He has a strong interest in designing functional tableware with a minimal aesthetic and takes inspiration from nature and from historical and cultural Chinese references.

In his final project, Loki choose work with a Chinese client called Craft+, an experimental design project. Their aim is to create a bridge connecting modern designers and traditional cultures and wisdom, and fusing these elements to create new and exciting design work. Loki went to Dehong in the Southwest of China to conduct research with the Craft+ team focussing on Dai ceramics and the local scenery.

Dai ceramics are often filled with water or flowers, serving the daily purpose of Buddhist worship. The Dai people use their ceramics to express the strong hearts and the ideology of their culture, including their belief in ecologically sound methods of production. Loki has developed the conventional form and used traditional skills to create his New Dai Ceramics, with the purpose of allowing these ancient traditions a place in modern life by reintroducing craft items with a modern twist.

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