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Merve Kasrat

Merve's work immerse on stigmatization and revealing the concealed stigma's in society. 

Through her in depth research into the subject, she expanded her craft into what she should produce with ceramic. Furthermore, she used a specific object which contains great provenance to act as a platform to convey her message about concealed stigma. For instance, her latest project works on the form of a ceiling rose and the origins of how it derived. A ceiling rose used to be placed above a meeting table which allegedly symbolized the freedom of speech and words without repercussion. Additionally, examining it's fundemental use in contemporary times, the ceiling rose acts as a facade to 'conceal' the wiring of the luminaires. Her work produces through the research into the material, and reflects a concern towards societal difficulties, which she elaborates through working on meaningful forms and their surface decoration.

'Fear of the unknown'


Merve shares an interest in mental health and in inhibited human behavior: not what we are motivated by, but what prevents us from being who we are or acting a certain way. She expresses her research into material, through surface expression and forms that reflects her concept.

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