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Netty South Moffat

Netty has always been surrounded by creativity. In the past she was inspired by nature and the natural environment that surrounded her. However when she moved to London she became influenced by the urban environment and the attitudes of the people that surrounded her. 


As Netty's style has developed, her focus has become directed towards the surface rather than the form of the ceramics. Her inspiration is drawn from the patterns and textures found within the overlooked and unnoticed environments surrounding her. In particular the traces that we leave behind. By magnifying marks upon a new form she invites the viewer to consider their relationship to these tracks, be it physical marks or subconscious traces. 


 This body of work is heavily inspired by pavements in London. They are pathways we all have an effect upon, whether it be spit, the slow cracks forming over time or even patterns created by the hands that laid them. She hopes that by returning the work to the environments they originated from she preserves and presents them to a universal audience so that people are given the opportunity to slow down.




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