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Shansan Ye

'What does country mean to me?'

Shansan Ye is a ceramist from China who have moved to London at 17-years old. Through years of studying and exploration in the field, she has developed a critical perspective toward ceramics, which leads her to form an interesting world view. Her work is figurative and provocative, with a growing sense of sophistication. She is interested in politics, human rights and religions.


This project is a window for illustrating her unique views on Country and National Identity. Began with the questions of why immigrants like herself need a visa to stay in another country, and what does country mean to a person, Shansan found that some of the acts performed by government were just legit versions of gangsters’ acts. For example: citizens pay tax for protections by the government, the government may conceal some truths without letting the general public know, which may be analogized to kidnapping, in which the victim’s eyes, mouth and ears are covered and therefore unable to sense the outside world. Through more in-depth research, Shansan also developed very different views towards people who were suffering and under restraint. For instance, people may think that North Korean is a living hell, without realising that we are under some kinds of restraints in our lives. By immersing yourself into her work, you will be able to discover new ways of looking at life. She hopes that at some point, her work may evoke your resonance, or you may see a reflection of yourself in her work.



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