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Zhen Lu

Zhen discovered her passion for drawing when she was in primary school and fell in love with art, moving to ceramics when she began to study at Central Saint Martins. The ceramic material opened many doors for her artistically and allowed her to express her art in new and exciting ways.


Her final project is an installation inspired by the stories of Lang Bridge, a kind of ancient Chinese bridge which is famous for its appearance and structure, of which three were destroyed by a typhoon in September 2016. Lang Bridge' translates as 'the bridge with the roof' from Chinese. The destruction of this historical site inspired Zhen's project, through which she has expressed the sadness of the local population and their regret at losing such treasures. In her work, she did rebuild the Lang Bridge in her own way, using different materials; the whole bridge is made from various tiles made in different clays and decorated.

The appearance designed from the combination of three different part of the 3 destroyed bridges. Inside the wooden structure, visitors can see the story of the bridge told in painted tiles. One side depicts the bridge before it was destroyed, including scenes from every day life and legends of the bridge. The other side shows the scene after the typhoon, with workers trying to rebuild the area. Through her intricately illustrated surfaces, this installation reminds us to cherish our valuable heritage as long as we can.


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