"Unique nationally, this course provides a design-led creative experience of ceramics within a broad subject context and brings an ethos of responsible design to the study of markets and manufacture."


We are a group of designers and makers from Central Saint Martins who hold a wide variety of skills and interest in ceramic design; whether is is craft, sculpture, contemporary design or industrial manufacture. 


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Our Studio

Angela Wong
Angela Wong is a ceramic designer from Hong Kong who has been living & studying in London for 5 years. Due to this cultural mix, her work has been influenced by both tradition & contemporary ideas. She is interested in finding design solutions & making decorative pieces for modern living. Her trademark material & style are simple works made from porcelain which use the consistency & transparency of the material.
Charik Saragouda
Charik is a UK-based ceramic designer who is particularly interested in exploring all ceramic techniques. She has always been attracted to art, design and craft, and she enjoys working with ceramic materials and the unpredictability involved within the ceramic process.
Keqing Chen
Born in 1992, China, Chen first studied the Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Foundation Diploma in 3D Design, where her preference for the ceramic material originated and evolved before she began her further studies specialising in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins in 2014.
Keqing has taken inspirations from garden designs for her previous works, and decided to build upon these previous research and experiments for her current project.
Elena Gomez de Valcarcel
Elena's work revolves around the emotional link formed through interaction with a product, and tries to create the perfect balance between function and appearance.
Her work is specifically aimed at children: she believes that creating ceramic products for children will provide them with items that they can learn from, play with and take care of whilst breeding familiarity with a material often conspicuously absent from children's product design.
Eva Tiannan Guo
Tiannan focuses on tableware design for home and restaurant use. Her goal is to enhance the beauty and user experience of ceramic tableware. With playful design approach, tactile surfaces and plain colours, her work is a combination of functional ware with unconventional details.
Istvan Szabo
Hungarian ceramic sculptor Istvan Szabo lives in London. His abstract sculptural works are the artistic reflections of his surrounding urban environment as well as the natural environment which he frequently visits. As a passionate rock climber he is particularly fascinated by the different qualities of the rock surfaces and this source of inspiration is what he also claims for his abstract way of expressing his art.
Julia Smith
Julia’s work communicates her interest in juxtapositions and metaphor, of form and material personalities, whether harmonious or discordant, and finds her inspiration in nature’s architecture and formations, such as crystals, fossils and rock strata; a record of ‘experience’, a material history.
Karl Favell
Karl's objective is to produce well-designed and well-made products for people to enjoy every day without compromising on either design or creative concept. His inspiration comes from the natural worlds' beauty, fragility and vitality and how we as a species have a responsibility to care for our environment rather than contributing to its destruction.
Kirsty-Marie Williams
Kirsty-marie is a conceptual ceramic artist based in London. Her work explores taboo themes, and their cultural, political and societal implications. She aims to draw attention and focus to issues which are often sidestepped or ignored and confront them through installation and sculptural ceramics.
Lena Peters
Lena Peters is a London-based storyteller whose Sheffield upbringing nurtured her passion for history and nature. These elements combined with her interest in folklore and mythology mean that her work dances between the real and the unreal, creating illustrative objects which work to embody a narrative.
Lily Savill
Lily is interested in interior trends and surface design. She has a strong research methodology, attending tradeshows, exhibitions, and visiting retailers to identify trends that inspire her surface designs. She is attracted to pattern and colour, particularly how it can transform an otherwise standard object to something exciting and full of character. She uses an experimental approach to create a layered quality from different ceramic surface techniques.
Loki is a ceramic designer born in China and currently based in London. He has a strong interest in designing functional tableware with a minimal aesthetic and takes inspiration from nature and from historical and cultural Chinese references.
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